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Coach Madison Leather Small Zip Bag 45918M Black

Coach Madison Leather Small Zip Bag 45918M Black
Coach Madison Leather Small Zip Bag 45918M Black

Product Added : September 1st, 2013
Category : Quality Purses

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Coach Madison Leather Small Zip Bag 45918M Black

Coach Madison Leather Small Zip Bag 45918M Black

You’ll love carrying the Coach Madison Small Bag because it is so compact and simple.

  • Made by Coach and retails for 8
  • Genuine soft leather in black
  • Zippered top. Rolled leather handle straps
  • Lined interior with one pocket
  • Approx. 10 inches wide, 7 inches tall and 3.5 inches deep

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This requested video covers Coach’s Penny cross body handbag. It is a small bag nice for quick outings. I hope you find it helpful as it also shows what fits…
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What customers say about Coach Madison Leather Small Zip Bag 45918M Black?

  1. thanks for your share,it is helps a lot and very useful. i also wanna share my experience with you ,i usual buy lux on w w w.soloffer2008. com . it is cheap and high quality ,you must be like it.

  2. Never mind! I see it!! :) 

  3. Which cles is that? The key pouch? I can’t find it on the LV website…

  4. Aww, that’s wonderful. I’m so glad you didn’t give up until you got yours. Congratulations!!

  5. I just bought my first Coach-bag, the Ashley satchel I think it’s called, and I really really love it! Nice addition to my collection. Coach is hard to find overhere, I know of a shop in Lille in France (close to where I live), but I bought mine online. You made a great choice, nice color! And as always, great review!

  6. It’s 21 inches. Sorry you had for the reply. Hope you are having a great day.

  7. How long is the strap? Is it long enough for some who’s 5’6”?

  8. Aww, thank you very much.

  9. I love your baby sweetie it is beautiful .Thanks for sharing .

  10. My pleasure. I tried mine on again as it had been a while since I carried it and I really do like mine. I think it’s a nice piece to have in ones collection.

  11. Thank you for your reply :) I think I’d use it as a night out bag, sometimes I carry so much junk in my bag, it ways it down :) your videos are always so informed :)

  12. I feel the length is appropriate. The bag itself is two inches wide. Sometimes I feel it sticks out too much causing slight discomfort. I found the bag on a good sale and the pop of color is fun. It is good to use for those reasons. It does not work well as my every day bag. I hope that helps.

  13. How do you find the bag fits cross body, does it cut you in half? or does it sit comfortably? Great Video! hope to get this bag soon

  14. I’ll need to check on eBay as the RM site did not have them.

  15. Vera Bradley just came out with a backpack that is also a cute tote with rolled straps. The RM jellybean back is wonderful. At first I thought the leather wouldn’t hold up but it has just fine. I usually change out bag every two weeks or so but I carried it for months. I also have my eye on Tory Burch. I’ve never had one of their bags before. And I want a …oh it’s the brand with the horse.. Burberry. I might get one for Christmas. My hubby has their shirts.

  16. I’m going to have to check out RM jellybean cross body. Sounds too cute. Speaking of cross body, I had been debating on getting a backpack for shopping but have decided that I feel more comfortable having my items accessible at my hip:).

  17. It’s really cute. I love the color! I had one like it a few years ago in a brown color. I love my Rebecca Minkoff jelly bean crossbody bag. I’ve carried it for about 3 months now. I love it for trips to Target which I need my own parking space because I go there so often. I just changed to a big MK wristlet. I like a small bag for going out to eat. And we go out often since I don’t cook. I still plan to use my crossbody to Target. I’ll just stick my credit card and phone in there.

  18. Thank you. You will love the MC!

  19. I’m totally smitten by the LV multicolored piece. That will be added to my wish list! Have a restful weekend!

  20. Thank you for the request. I haven’t worked on Stella in a while. I’ll see what I can for you though:).

  21. Thank you for that, I appreciate you taking the time to tell me that.

  22. I love all your videos! Thanks for doing them:)

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